About us


The Art of Living in Spain (TAOLIS ) is a full-service property company delivering development, construction, and rental services of the highest caliber. Since 1999, our highly professional Dutch management team has created and overseen many design and construction projects. From sales of residential developments and large-scale refurbishments to complete interior decoration projects, our experienced staff have consistently delivered results of the highest quality to hundreds of private and corporate clients.

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TAOLIS focuses exclusively on highly distinctive, sustainable projects—in terms of the methods
of construction, materials, layout, functionalities, concept and architecture. As an organization
we are ecologically conscientious and value-conscious, and believe that this perspective is
evident in all of our endeavors. This passion for improving the world has created strong
relationships with clients—homeowners, landowners and communities—and business partners alike.


The design philosophy of Las Vistas embraces the two concepts of the modern and the natural.
The use of natural materials means that our building practices do not impose a burden on the
environment. The houses in the development are designed to be highly efficient, as the partial
stone facades and the insulating materials result in low fuel use for heating and cooling.

Sustainable communities are also a focus for us at TAOLIS. This means that the residents have
everything they need for long-term living—proximity to amenities, privacy, and, well…
community. Putting people and the planet in harmony, TAOLIS develops homes built with a
commitment to uncompromised luxury, while providing natural living within modern designs.


Innovation abounds in our latest development project. We could not have conceived this holistic approach without our 30 years of experience within the real estate sector. It has given us the confidence to create a project like no other, and with very competitive pricing. We did not just develop a project with houses, we created a place to live, in which our clients’ total experiences of their homes are thoughtfully considered and anticipated. Here, we are building houses and environments for living stress-free, healthy lives in the beauty of nature.