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Following a thorough selection process of pre-screened architects, TAOLIS has chosen Ingeser Architects for the project Las Vistas Altaona. The numbers speak for themselves: They have over 45 years of experience; 3000 projects executed; a staff of 90 professionals spread across four offices in Spain.

Ingeser’s approach to their work is highly collaborative; their solid team of architects, designers, engineers and planners all bring their diverse talents to bear on the project at Las Vistas Altaona.

We feel confident that this holistic approach is key to a successful outcome. Collaboration goes beyond their own team, however, as they see their clients as integral to the process, and are therefore committed to constant and open communication.

We at TAOLIS were also impressed with Ingeser’s attitude that work is much more than the basic satisfying of their client’s needs: It is the art of realizing their aspirations, and changing the way they experience the world. This perspective aligns perfectly with TAOLIS’ philosophy. Ingeser works closely together with TAOLIS’ own in-house architect.

We invite you to visit Ingeser´s website for further information.

Feng Shui

A project such as Las Vistas starts with a location everything flows from this. The challenge is to build something that complements the site and is in synergy with the environment. This is why TAOLIS has introduced Feng Shui to the design process.

Feng Shui, from the Chinese words for “wind” and “water,” is the ancient practice of balancing energy, or chi. The aim of this is to invite positive chi into your home, making it feel energized and balanced, and allow the individual to be in harmony with his or her surroundings.

Laura Del Valle is our Feng Shui consultant. Laura is a highly-experienced consultant, dedicated to creating harmony, balance and success in your home.

With our architects, Laura figured out the best distribution and reviewed the choice of materials, so that prosperity, good relationships and vitality will flow in your personal life.

For more information visit her website (Spanish only).

Building Method - SISMO

Along with materials, building practices are key to any project, and TAOLIS has researched all possible contemporary building methods that could be suitable for the villa project Las Vistas Altaona. The method that we have decided to use is Sismo Building Technologies, a solution which combines process and materials.

Originally from Belgium, Sismo offers a high-quality industrialized building system based on custom-made building panels. These panels offer high levels of thermal isolation, resulting in more efficient homes. The amount of waste materials generated on-site are also reduced with SISMO, further enhancing the sustainability of the process. The company is one of the market leaders in Europe in this area. 


TAOLIS is currently conducting a review of potential building companies for the construction.
We are looking for a company with plenty of experience with similar projects, an excellent
reputation, a proven record of high-quality work, and a degree of flexibility. Also considered will
be how communicative and transparent the company is, as this affects all aspects of a

As soon as the final choice has been made, the builder will be presented in this section.

Other Suppliers & partners

Other suppliers will be presented here soon, like suppliers for windows, kitchens and bathrooms.

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