Buy to Rent on Las Vistas Altaona

Is an investment in Las Vistas Altaona a wise choice if your goal is to achieve a continuous return?

Buying to let in Las Vistas Altaona makes financial sense, for the reasons listed below:

• Convenient location: only 10 minutes from Corvera airport. This airport opened just before the start of the Corona Virus pandemic and has already been declared one of the best airports in Europe.

• The location of Las Vistas Altaona is described in detail on this website. An important addition to this from a rental perspective is that more and more international) companies are establishing themselves on this side of the mountain, such as, with a main distribution center.

• Due to the positive business climate for these types of companies, there has recently been a considerable shortage of high-quality homes for long-term rental in the area around Altaona. Given the increasing number of companies choosing to settle in this region, this is a trend that is expected to continue for some time to come.

• Many homes and projects focus on holiday rentals in order to achieve a return. However, in Las Vistas Altaona it is now even possible to achieve a good return on long-term rental, which is a very clear sign of a favorable investment.

Investing in Las Vistas will enable you to achieve a good return on your investment from long term rentals owing to the development’s strategic location, and the very competitive price/quality ratio.

It should be added that you will benefit from at least a 10% increase in value if you enter the
first phase of the project now. This is due to the upcoming price increases that will be
implemented as the project progresses.

Property has always been a great hedge against inflation. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the current inflation and high bank charges also make Las Vistas Altaona a very interesting and safe alternative for investing.

Realistic ROI Expectation

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Average Annual ROI for 2 bed villas
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Average Annual ROI for larger villas
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Increase in value for phase 1 buyers​

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