Why Las Vistas Altaona?

Why Las Vistas Altaona?

Las Vistas Altaona has many unique features that set it apart from other developments.

Below is an overview of the most important ones.

The villa designs, layouts and the positioning of the homes and gardens focus on positive energy and maintaining your privacy. The L-shaped building design represents a practical distribution of square meters, and provides maximum privacy from neighbours.

The entire development at Las Vistas Altaona, including the materials used, is designed according to the timeless principles of Feng Shui, optimizing the location and its small community for positive energy. We have applied this method to the spaces, inside and out, of the individual home. As an example, the electricity cables and wiring in the bedrooms is done in such a way that radiation is avoided.

The development offers more than a home: Las Vistas Altaona is a gateway to an effortlessly-healthy lifestyle: everything you need to enjoy the outdoors, relax, or socialize with friends and family is on-hand and easily accessible.

Communal sporting areas, a meditation/yoga facility, shared gardens (including a herb garden) and common relaxation areas represent vital parts of the private community. As a resident of las Vistas Altaona, you can enjoy all these facilities whenever you want, without worries, since they are maintained by the community.

Our architects and designers understand very well how a house needs to fit its environment. The homes are low-profile so as not to overwhelm the landscape. Standing in your garden, however, will give you a distinct impression of being in the mountains. The walls are made with a partial stone façade which gives off a warm, natural luster, allowing the structure to blend in with its surroundings.

Furthermore, the design of the homes has been focussed on creating large rooms, a logical layout and ample ward rope space. Nothing has been neglected in the quest to create a house for living comfortably, privately and efficiently.

Our extensive experience in Altaona has shown that there are many houses with cracks and humidity problems. With this knowledge, considering that the ground is composed of unsteady soil in certain areas of the resort, we did an extensive geotechnical investigation of our site. The study showed that the subsoil of our plot is surprisingly good, largely due to our better location at the foot of the mountain compared to the rest of the houses in the urbanization.

Las Vistas Altaona will be built on firmly compacted soil. Using this firm soil in combination with the SISMO construction method – which means lower weight of the structure and therefore lower pressure per m2 than traditional construction – we considered further improving our foundation, decreasing the possibility of future problems and giving stability to the construction for a lifetime.

With this objective, according to the indications of our architects we will have a foundation in two phases, consisting of soil compaction until geologist’s certification, finished with a reinforced concrete slab.

Even the flat roofs afford green vistas, no matter which direction you look. In a gesture to function and form, indigenous plants have been placed on the rooftops to create the feeling of another natural space. In addition to their aesthetic properties and their aromas, the plants act as repellents to pests such as wasps and mosquitos to further enhance your comfort.

A green roof offers many other economic, ecological, and social benefits. It promotes biodiversity, retains rainwater, purifies the air, reduces noise and regulates temperature. These roofs help create a cooler and more pleasant climate, which means less air conditioning is required, which in turn means energy savings.

And what’s more, people are happier in a green environment than in a grey environment. Green roofs increase the feeling of well-being and living in a green environment brings people together, it has a positive effect on social cohesion.

Lastly, a green roof protects the waterproofing and roofing materials from external influences such as sun, rain, wind and temperature fluctuations, and doubles or even triples the lifespan of your roof providing economic advantages as well.

We use the unique and innovative SISMO building system, which guarantees that your property has many advantages compared to traditional construction methods. SISMO offers a high-quality industrialized building system based on custom-made building panels.


The advantages of the SISMO system are as follows:

  • Energy Efficient & Sound Insulation: the excellent thermal insulation of SISMO ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption of your home. The SISMO construction technique also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation.
  • Cost-efficient: reduction in construction costs and a lower cost price, enabling you to buy a home with an optimal price/quality ratio.
  • Fast Delivery: it saves up to 50% on execution time, leading to faster delivery so you can move faster into your new home.
  • High Quality: SISMO offers a monolithic structure that is resistant to ground movements in a way that prevents cracks in the facades. It gives a particularly high resistance to earthquakes, fire and storm. Furthermore, it eliminates other problems associated with traditional building methods, like humidity issues.
  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: the production process of the SISMO elements is non-polluting and waste on the construction site is also significantly reduced.

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