Altaona Golf & Country Village, Spain

Costa Cálida & The Region of Murcia

Spain’s Costa Calida is second-to-none when it comes to quality of life. “The Warm Coast”
boasts some 250 kilometers of world-class beaches, which is hard to beat. Running alongside the Mediterranean, the seaward edge of the province of Murcia is sandwiched between the Andalusian Costa Almeria to the south, and Valencia’s Costa Blanca to the north—both of which also offer fascinating natural and cultural features.

For outdoor enthusiasts, this region’s warm, dry climate provides ideal conditions for year-round enjoyment of nature and of activities such as golf, hiking, fishing, tennis, and water sports. To the north, the beautiful “Mar Menor” is the largest saltwater lagoon in Spain with a coastal length of 70 km. This saltwater bay is an ideal place for year-round swimming with its warm, protected waters, and its famous mud baths are popular far and wide for their therapeutic benefits.

For those in search of more water sports, the region offers numerous yacht clubs, diving 
and windsurfing schools. If you prefer dry land, the region is a golfer’s paradise with some 20 courses available within a short distance, or you can enjoy the almost limitless hiking possibilities from your doorstep.

10 min. Murcia centre

15 min. Beach

10 min. Corvera airport

50 min. Alicante airport

20 min. Hospital

10 min. Shopping center and Supermarket


Altaona’s location is perfect in many ways—and is indeed considered one of the best property locations in the region of Murcia. Some 40 kilometres inland, it sits between the vibrant city of Murcia, and the region’s beautiful coastline—including the Mar Menor—providing the best of Spain’s urban and coastal experiences.

The resort opened its doors—under the name Mosa Trajectum— in 1999. Many residents still recall the fun that was the opening fiesta, which featured a special guest, the footballer Johan Cruijff as ambassador!  

Included in the spacious resort are all manner of amenities such as a shopping center, and tennis, paddle and basketball courts. The front gate is always staffed, making Altaona a place where kids can play safely outdoors. In total, some 500 homes combine to make up the resort of Altaona, spread across an area of 3.6 million m2.

Within the resort, Las Vistas Altaona is situated in the upper part on a generous plot of 47.000 m2 in the foothills of the Sierra Altaona nature reserve. Panoramic views of the golf course combine with views of the mountains, to which hikers and cycling enthusiasts have direct access.


Here are a few local highlights:

• Murcia center: 15 minutes.
• Beach: 20 minutes.
• Corvera airport: 20 minutes.
• Alicante airport: 45 minutes.
• Shopping center (La Alberca): 8 minutes.
• Hospital: 10 minutes

Since 2020 there has been added a new shopping center, bars and restaurants, all of which are nearing completion. In addition, investments have been made in the landscaping—including the
restoration of existing green spaces, new sidewalks and streets, and several playgrounds. There is a maintenance crew keeping the resort clean and in good working order at all times.

The resort’s characteristic parador is to be renovated and refreshed, and plans are currently being developed with a well-known hotel group, for a new hotel to be built next to the shopping center.

At present, about 60 percent of houses are permanently inhabited by a mixture of active seniors and younger families.

In addition to the existing 500 homes on the property there are plans for a further 500 to be built within the 9% maximum building density. Five housing projects are already under way, and their prices range from EUR 250,000 to EUR 1,200,000.

Healthy lifestyle

According to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index (2020), Spain is the healthiest country in the world. Not only that, but the United Nations predicted in 2015 that by 2050, Spain will also be the country with the longest life span!
World-class research backs up these observations. It seems that key amongst the reason for Spain’s unusual healthiness—according to the UN, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization are the Mediterranean diet, an outdoor lifestyle, excellent health care, and the ability to relax. All of these ingredients are perfectly represented in Altaona and the region of Murcia.

Spain ranks very highly in terms of public healthcare. The government offers free care to all residents, and even in situations requiring private care, Spain tends to be cheaper than most other countries in Europe.

The Spanish have a global reputation for being helpful, friendly, welcoming, and open. They are absolutely willing to share what their country has to offer with people from abroad, and other Europeans are quick to see the advantages to living a Spanish lifestyle!

Since the disaster of the Pandemic, which hit Spain hard in 2020, the country has been recovering rapidly. Investment activity is on the rise, and the OECD predicts that the Spanish economy will reach pre-pandemic levels in the last quarter of 2022 (with a growth rate of 5.5% above the European average).

The EU Pandemic recovery plan is set to invest 69 billion Euros in Spain in the coming years.

Spain’s rich and diverse culinary history has been grabbing international attention recently giving France and Italy a run for their money. As outsiders become more familiar with Spain’s diverse culinary geography, its quality becomes apparent. From Valencian Paella, to Jamon Iberico, the excellent olives and fruit that is abundant in the country, and a huge diversity of quality wines, there is truly something for everybody.

When it comes to affordable, Spain is one of the best choices in Europe. When compared to the northern European countries, it’s cheap to live in Spain.

The average cost of living is around EUR 818 a month compared to EUR 920 in the rest of Europe, but compared to Germany and the UK in particular, Spain is 20% and 24% cheaper respectively (source: Numbeo and Eurostat).

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